About Premier Cooling

Premier Cooling Services and Premier Cooling Maintenance Ltd.

The group has been run as a family business since it started and we are now entering our 20th year of successful business.

The Premier Group was formed in 1995 to supply, install and maintain air conditioning and mechanical systems to the commercial, retail and domestic sectors. We pride ourselves on being a 3rd generation family run business, following on the traditions by guaranteeing professional quality service and expertise. From initial concept through planning, manufacturing, installation and planned preventative maintenance we will provide you the personal attention you or your business expect.

In the pursuit of Excellence we aim to offer Innovative solutions and allied products such as the recent addition of PremierScent to the company's portfolio.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

Premier Scent

Premier Scent is a partner business with Premier Cooling, offering specialist room scenting services.

We ensure every client gets adequate advice in finding the right fragrance to match the image of their brand to create the perfect and atmosphere and experience. The olfactory sense is very powerful for memory and has an influence on mood too. Often a person can stand in a room for hours, yet not remember the colour of the the walls, however our range of carefully selected scents can provide an ever lasting memory which will bring someone back to that moment in time from just one smell.

Please contact one of our consultants to see how we can improve your business, home or place of work. Just see how one of the range of over 200 hypoallergenic natural based fragrances can stimulate relaxation, improve performance and create a friendly environment.

We look forward to hearing from you via our website here.